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Is Google always listening: Live Test

Its good work but in my nokia plus 5. This post is also available in: Spanish Chinese Simplified. Drop us an email with any questions you have. See where we operate in the UK!

Can Apple's AirPods Be Used to Spy on Conversations?

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Spy Call Live Listening and Ambient Recording

We do custom Android, iPhone, and Windows app development. Need an app developed? Give us a call or drop us an email. Live Listen can be used when you have other audio playing on your iPhone or iPad. In this case, the music will be switched to mono to match the Live Listen stream.

Also, when Live Listen is active, the tap shortcuts on the AirPods are disabled.

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Instead, you must use the on-screen audio controls. Another accessibility home run from Apple.


It has been updated for the public iOS 12 release. Cult of Mac.

How to change the dictation language on Apple Watch. Swordfight with terrorists or wash pigs in new Apple Arcade games. This might be the coolest AirPods case money can buy [Review]. This app is like an insurance policy for your hard drive [Deals]. We talk about them, on The CultCast.

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