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Switching is a hassle, but I'm comfortable with my choice so far. Mobile seduction: iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8. Iphone 8 Text Spy. No insult intended, but it's important to understand mobile phone insurance isn't compulsory. Deciding whether to get a policy comes down to the fact that you know yourself better than insurers will. In particular, think about this:. If your mobile's been permanently clipped to your belt buckle for the last 10 years, the chances you'll lose or break it are slim.

Alternatively, for social butterflies who don't know where they'll wake up, a broken or damaged phone and a hangover is par for the course. Unlike most insurance, mobile cover doesn't usually increase with a history of loss or damage. So those who rarely have issues are cross-subsidising losers. If you've painful memories of the handsets you've lost, insurance is worth considering. I may be good at saving money, but I'm scatterbrained with keys and phones, too often leaving them as I rush from one place to the other. While I try my best, the truth is I've had more than 10 phones lost, broken or nicked in the last decade.

As I know I'm a loser, I know insurance is a good bet for me, as it costs less than repeatedly paying for a new phone. Many mobile phone policies usually have a condition that you can only start cover within six months of purchasing a new mobile phone. You'll be able to let an existing policy renew each year, but the age rule means you're probably stuck with that initial provider as your choice of mobile insurers reduces.

With the major network providers, you get less time to decide whether to go with their policies, with them either wanting to know immediately or up to 28 days from the date of purchase of the mobile phone. But do take into account a usually higher excess and the loss of any no-claims discount. But some include accidental damage cover, which lets you claim for phones damaged at home. Also check for ' all risks ' or 'personal possessions cover', which protects you against loss, theft or accidental damage when expensive items are taken outside the home.

That is the good news. This sometimes renders the cover worthless if you need to claim — as the excess is greater than the claim amount. Plus there's the fact that any claim usually leads to the insurer reducing any no-claims discount from your price at renewal.

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In effect, it could mean higher home insurance prices for up to five years following the claim — on top of the excess you had to pay. So, if the mobile is an expensive model, claiming on your home insurance policy may be worth it. If you go for this option, always check the following:. Some phone providers can courier you a new handset in hours or the next day. But a home insurance claim can take several days if not longer. You usually get a replacement phone, often one that's been refurbished. You can ask for cash but you typically only get the amount that an insurer would fork out to give you a replacement phone, which is often less than the cost to buy a replacement yourself, as they tend to get them at discount prices.

However, some insurers will pay to replace lost music and apps, maybe up to a couple of grand, but not photos. The big three 'freebies' are breakdown cover, travel insurance and mobile phone insurance. However, if the only real bonus of the account is mobile phone insurance, compare the cost to getting insurance by itself. However, it's worth noting If you have a joint account, it's likely to cover both partners' phones for one fee, so you can get 2for1 cover.

Most banks don't need you to register your phone to ensure it is insured though Barclays insist you tell it, by registering, to make sure cover kicks in. This way, if you lose your phone you've got cash to pay towards a replacement. If not, the cash and the interest is yours rather than an insurer's. It's great for those who rarely lose or damage phones, though it isn't without its risks. Plus 24 or month deals mean you could be locked into expensive contracts for a long time without a phone. Most manufacturers usually include a year's guarantee if the goods are faulty, but it will not cover you against theft, loss or accidental damage, which is where an insurance policy comes into play.

While insurance protects you against phone thieves running up big bills, without it you'll have to shoulder the cost of calls made, and downloads of music, games etc, before it's barred by your operator. Speak to your current phone provider. It may also let you downgrade to its cheapest tariff to see out the remainder of the contract, minimising wasted spend.

It may be a wrench, but if you haven't scraped together enough money, it's time to consider temporarily downgrading. If you don't have your Sim card, ask your provider to replace it it's often free or has a small charge rather than the phone. If your phone is broken and costs too much to fix, you may be able to recoup some money by selling it to a mobile recycling company. Most are happy to take broken handsets, though obviously they'll pay less than for fully functional ones. For more help and information, see our Sell Old Mobiles guide. All the mobile networks have their own insurance policies but it's usually not cheap so, in most cases, it's best to avoid it.

However, it's usually the quickest way to get a new phone with minimum hassle, as they all send replacement handsets rather than cash. So if you can't be without your phone it is worth considering a policy from your network provider see our summary of cost from network providers. If you've read what's above and you're sure you need cover, there's some good news.

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Unlike most other insurance, mobile phone cover doesn't depend on your gender, job, what you earn or other standard 'risks'. Most even ignore whether you've claimed before — a huge bonus for serial losers, though this isn't universal, so check before you leap in. All our top picks below have confirmed their policies would cover you for loss and theft, as long as you weren't careless and made reasonable attempts to recover the mobile.

Should You Buy iPhone X or Galaxy S8?

Important: With all insurers, check the policy cover carefully. It will cover the latest iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max, up to the maximum value, though you must have bought the phone in the last six months. You also get overseas cover. It will cover the latest iPhone XS or XS Max, up to the maximum value, though you must have bought the phone in the last six months.

Also check Here you'll need to go with insurance from your network, as standalone policies all generally take longer to reunite you with a handset. For an iPhone 8, here are the basic details of cover from the biggies. We compared 40 policies to find a mix of low price and decent cover. There are horror stories in our forums about insurers rejecting claims, rendering policies useless, so we've excluded some cheap insurers with significant bad feedback. With all insurers, check the policy cover carefully. You may feel you're getting full 'loss' or 'theft' cover, but restrictions do apply.

While your first instinct may be to sob uncontrollably, many MoneySavers report success from visiting Apple stores. You may need to book an appointment, and it's not a dead cert that you'll walk away problem-free, but for the cost of some shoe leather, it's worth a try.

But you'll need to have bought your phone in the last six months. It's more suited to less snazzy smartphones or non-smartphones purchased over six months but less than 18 months ago.

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X: Which flagship is best?

This is a decent option if you're self-insuring and want a little boost on top. Here's what you get:. You need to name the phone you have and its value, and Gadget Cover tells you the price, which increases for pricier handsets. Don't think about skimping and using this to cover a more expensive gadget, as the likelihood is it won't pay out. The real boon here is if you hold a joint account with a partner, both of your phones are protected without you having to pay twice. Here are the big banks' cheapest accounts that include mobile insurance.

Phones belonging to family members living at home are included. Children must be under 19, or under 22 if in full-time education, and can't be married or in a civil partnership. If they're at uni, the cover only applies at home out of term-time. You also get worldwide family travel insurance for the year, including winter sports cover, travel disruption and golf cover.

How to Spy on Samsung Galaxy S8 Mobile

If you're not going for our top pick from Nationwide above, here you'll find a selection of the best policies around from the rest of the banks. The big phone networks specialise in getting a phone out to you ASAP, but here it's likely to take a few days at least. Though unlike the standalone insurers, they at least have high street branches you can complain to if they really drag their feet. Be aware: opening the account and paying your fee sometimes isn't enough to make sure you're covered.

Certain banks, Barclays for one, require you to give extra info to activate the cover. Always try haggling at renewal to see if you can get the insurance thrown in for free. As an extra boon, members of specialist cashback websites can be paid when they sign up to some financial products. Do check that it's exactly the same deal though, as terms can be different. You might think this would be simple, but how your phone gets replaced can vary depending on the company.

Most will deliver a replacement phone to you. But you're NOT guaranteed a new phone or even the same model — it depends what's in stock. Alternatively, insurers may choose to give you a cash equivalent. As a rule, if it can't get you the same phone as your original, it should call you to discuss how you'd prefer to settle the claim. If your phone is damaged and not lost or stolen, then if you're covered insurers will try to repair it rather than simply give you a replacement, so get set to be mobile-less for some time.

The 'excess' is the amount you'll have to pay towards the cost of a new phone or repairs before the insurer pays the rest. Unlike home or car insurance — where you normally receive the amount of the claim, less the excess — mobile insurance claims are dealt with differently. You'll usually need to send the excess payment to the insurer before the claim will be settled. Excesses vary depending on the phone, the type of claim and if you've made a previous claim with that provider.

So don't presume the same excess always applies. If the data set matches what the camera can see, the security check is passed and a token that verifies that "you are really you" is given to whatever process is asking for it. While Apple is also making a few concessions to ensure Face ID is fast and easy, there are some clear advantages from a user perspective.

Face ID is actually more secure because you're moving more data is being analyzed and there is no "sweet spot" as all of your face is being used and the camera uses a wider field of view. The matrix projected on your face contrasts well against whatever is in the background because a sense of depth is used to isolate your face's shape. As a bonus, the shape data of your face in real time can be used for other purposes using what Apple calls the TrueDepth Camera system.

We saw an example of this with the new portrait mode for selfies, the animated emojis, and Snapchat masks. Apple has built the Bionic Neural Engine in a way that it can share simple shape data with third party software without exposing the data it uses to build a secure identifying token. For authentication purposes, the important thing is that the process is accurate and fast.

Samsung's iris scanner can be both as long as you point the phone so it can find the data it needs, but on paper, Face ID will be easier to use because it doesn't need to lock on any particular spot to work.

10 Reasons Why an Android Phone is Better Than an iPhone

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  • Over , satisfied customers are already using Appmia. Very easy to install and simple to use. View, track, read any device data online - anytime anywhere. We've yet to see how Apple's fast charging compares to Quick Charge 2. As everyone knows, iOS versus Android has been a longstanding battle throughout the years with neither side willing to give way. Samsung chooses to put a skin on top of Android before shipping out their phones.

    This skin gives Samsung phones a unique look and extra software features, but that comes with a pretty infamous reputation. The iPhone X, however, will come with iOS 11, which doesn't match Samsung's TouchWiz UI in terms of the sheer number of features, but offers a simpler and more intuitive interface. Since Apple has designed both the software and hardware, the two work in harmony and typically offer a smoother experience than Samsung's flavor of Android.

    Overall, there's plenty of room for debate, and we'll know more when we can get our hands on both phones. But on paper, at least, the Note 8 appears to eek out the victory, so we'll anxiously await some real-world testing to see if expectations align with reality.